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“Saving Edges, Growing Inches”

SWP Natural Hair Oil, works to calm and nourish beneath the surface. Deeply penetrating and conditioning with a blend of nutrient-rich ingredients. Time to embrace your hair’s full potential and enjoy the confidence that comes with a stunning, natural mane. Get ready to shine!✨

[Ingredients Below ⬇️}

-Jojoba- light moisturizer.

-Tea Tree- dandruff.

-Vitamin E- Prevents breakage and bitter hair.

-Lavender Oil- dry scalp, calming.

-Peppermint Oil - Cooling effect stimulates hair growth

SWP Natural Hair Growth Oil

  • 1. **Direct Application:**

    Apply oil to scalp and hair, massage.

    2. **Spray and Massage:**

    Spray oil on scalp, massage.

    3. **Mix with Shampoo:**

    Mix oil with shampoo, wash, rinse.

    4. **Pre-Shower Treatment:**

    Apply oil before shower, wait, wash.

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